Monday, April 02, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrapup

I accomplished next to nothing of my goals.  I should have realized the moment I learned Bloggiesta was happening the same weekend of my return home after a three month stay at mom mom's that I wouldn't really get to participate.  But I couldn't bear to just give up as I'd been really waiting for it to happened.

I knew Friday would be all about packing and Saturday about the trip but I really though I'd have most of Sunday to devote to it.  Ha.  I should have known that I couldn't get away with holing up in my office incommunicado after three months away.  Even my husband, whose hermit tendencies are stronger than my own, needed more than a little of my attention on my first day back.

And the sandman too.  I had been dissing him too long and he caught up with me.  13 hours in zonk land Saturday night.

I understand the next Bloggiesta date has been set for the last weekend of September.  I'm marking my calendar now.

But I'm not waiting for the next Bloggiesat to do some of the work I'd hoped to do this weekend.  One of the things I did manage to accomplish this weekend was reading some of the mini-challenges, collecting links for suggested helpful sites or articles,  taking inventory on other blogs of things I'd like to do or have on mine, and adding to my todo list.  I plan to use the resources of the Bloggiesta posts. especially the mini-challenges, to continue to educate myself and to start crossing some of those items on my list.

Basically I guess that means I'm going to carry on as if Bloggiesta is still going on except I'll be partying alone and not quite as intensely.

Meanwhile this is still Script Frenzy month and day three just commenced and I've gotten zero words let alone pages.

I also came home to a pile of review copies and those are only the treebooks I've got several ebook review books either in my possession or on the way and I think two more treebooks.  So many that I'm having trouble keeping it all in my head and one of the tasks for this weekend had been to make a consolidated list for review commitments and stop depending on my email inbox for that.  That is a task I should not wait too much longer to complete.

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