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Are You a Craft Junkie?

Are You a Craft Junkie?
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A  guest blog by Jullian Kent on Rachelle Gardner's blog asks 'Are You a Craft Junkie?' and as she says, she's not talking scrapbooking.  Or in my case it would be fiber arts.  No, she means are you, the writer, addicted to books and other media on the writing craft.

Well take a look below at cover images of the writing craft books I've had checked out of the library (many repeatedly) over the last decade.  Some of them so often a casual visitor to my space spotting them laying about or tucked onto a shelf on the occasions of so many visits, would be forgiven for assuming I owned them.

And this doesn't even begin to cover what I have saved in various e-formats on my computer, thumbs, cd, Kindle for PC and itunes audio.

So am I a craft junkie?

Well as my Merlin might say in LOLspeak 'ai finkso kthxbai'

Janet Burroway's Writing Fiction is my all time favorite and the only reason I don't own a copy  is the $80 sticker price of this beloved college text.
From Where You Dream by Robert Olen Butler is my second favorite.  I once did own a copy.
In 3rd place or even tied for 2nd with Butler's From Where You Dream.  Gabriele Lausser Rico's Writing the Natural Way is my Writer's Block Wreaking Ball.  And I do own this.  It's my second copy picked up in a used book store after lending my first copy out and not getting it back.
The rest of them are in no particular order:

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