Friday, April 20, 2012

Read-a-Thon Readiness

The food and drink for the day.  Easy prep and mostly finger food I can eat while reading.
 Well the photos pretty much speak for themselves and if I want to get more than 6 hours of sleep before the thon starts in 7 hours I can't spend to long commenting on them.

One comment I have to make tho is that this is the best environment I've ever had for a read-a-thon and I'm expecting productivity and enjoyment.  Expect for the first two of Dewey's thons I participated in (which I spent most of the daylight hours in the yard or on the porch) I have spent 7 out of the other 9 cooped up for most of the 24 hours in the small bedroom of my in-laws trailer house on a bed shared with our cat Merlin and during the night Ed and his snores.  One April thon in 2009 I was at my Mom's in Longview and the environment was better but had duties which kept me from spending the whole 24 hours participating.

This is my first thon in our new place and the room I call my office is a tad bigger than the room I shared with a husband and a cat for 12 years.

My desk where I'll be most of the time I'm on the computer or reading a hardback book I need to prop on the book easel so I can hold the magnifying glass.

Merlin has commandeered the seat while I'm taking the pics but when I'm sitting there he is usually up on the pillow behind my back.  Not sure how much the two of us will enjoy that when the temps hit 90 plus this summer.

Note the little bottle of eye drops next to the magnifying glass to the right of the mousepad.  Keeping my eyes from drying out is important if I want to keep reading.

Note also the fan.  Set up just today as it was the first day since we moved in just after Xmas that I've needed it.  Temps hit the mid 70s outside and it warmed up to the stuffy level by mid afternoon as is still there.  Temps are expected to be in the 80s tomorrow and I may spend part of the daylight hours on the porch and if I do I'll take a pic and post it in my thon post which will be the usual blog-within-a-blog post called My Brain On Books.

Several of the books I going to be reading in are review copies both tree and ebooks.  I have many more ebooks and audio books loaded on the netbook --many genres, many difficulty levels and many subjects--so much of the time I'm reading I'll be sitting here.

But there is also:

The mini-tramp for those essential breaks to stretch the limbs, get the blood moving and ward off the drowse.  The tramp acts as a hassock for those times I want to lean back in the chair away from the desk.

I can listen to audio books while on the tramp.  I can also take the netbook out to the porch on battery for three hour sessions between recharging.  To read at least but I'm not sure our wifi reaches out there.

Well it is time to stop talking about it and go get that sleep so that I'm not crossing the 24 hour mark at noon with 17 hours left in the thon....

Getting sleep the night before is the tricky part for me as I tend to be laying down around dawn not getting up.  sigh.

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Foxears 4/21/2012 2:14 AM  

Good luck with reading today! It looks like a good idea with some food that's easy to eat while reading. I have some cookies, but other than that it will probably mostly be ordering McDonalds which has 24 hours delivery here in Beijing. Feel the healthyness ^^

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