Monday, April 30, 2012

The SITS Girls Spring Fling Event

SITS Girls Spring Fling Event:
A Blog Improvement Challenge--
Build Your Community &
Improve Your Blog
I just signed up to participate in SITS Girls Spring Fling.  Seems to be similar to Bloggiesta--build you community and improve your blog--but lasts nearly two weeks instead of one long weekend and puts more emphasis on social networking as part of blogging.  Also instead of an intense marathon like pace where you try to cram as much blog improvement as possible into 72 hours this one seems to encourage doing a few small things each day.

I almost didn't sign up seeing as it starts the day I'm going to be on the road back to Longview and I'm expecting things to be a lot  busier while there this time so will have less time to hang out on the computer.  But if I manage to get even one useful tip or memorable experience out of it it would be worth it.  And since the whole social networking things is something I am still fumbling around with and still not really getting the point I should see what they have to say about it.  More than just see what they say but see how they work it.

1 tell me a story:

Kat Gignac 5/07/2012 9:49 AM  

And here I am, visiting from that Spring Fling Event! :) You have a great site here, and I know how you feel about social networking. My first year of blogging I missed out on so many opportunities for growth because I was blogging outside of this amazing network I didn't even know existed! I'm so grateful to be a part of it now.

My best advice...reach out! Ask some bigger bloggers if they have any blog groups they love, make friends my commenting on other people's blogs, Google Blog Networks and see what comes's worth the effort to get involved in such a great community! :)

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