Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Leave You With

After yesterday's epiphany, confession and recommitment to writing my stories I wanted to make sure that the bulk of my writing time today was devoted to my stories so today's post is of the flower and set of two leaves I crocheted today with as little commentary as I can get away with.

These are part of the set of flowers, leaves and bows for my mom's sweater.  A project I've discussed repeatedly here over the last three years as it morphed from embroidery with floss to embroidery with yarn to crocheted broaches.

These are fresh off the hook--the leaves within the hour--and still need to be dampened and blocked.  But the tails are tucked except for the one on the back of the flower needed to sew the button on.

The button is from Mom's collection of buttons that go back to her Grandmother, passed to her mother and now to me.  Each one adding buttons from their generation left over from projects or cut off discarded clothes.

I've already presented her with what I had completed by the time I arrived there in early January.  There are pics of some of the flowers and bows pinned to the sweater around her her 80th bday bash the second week of January.  I may go find the link later and update this post with it but I'm trying to limit the time I spend on this right now.

As I often do while working with fiber arts--crocheting, needlepoint, cross stitch, needlepoint--I daydreamed my stories as I worked today so I'm primed to work with them now.

I have decided that the best way to do that is to go ahead and work the script adaptation I had planned for Script Frenzy even though it is 11 days in and I've not written one word on my script.  I had contemplated just backing out of Frenzy in order to write fresh scenes in one or more of my novels but then it occurred to me that working on a script adaptation of a story that contains over twenty characters that pop in and out of the other stories and novels is the best way to get my head back into the story world.

I was never in Script Frenzy to win this year anyway.  For me it is an exercise in learning a new aspect of my craft.  I'm hoping though that by next year I will have gained enough confidence in my understanding and use of the format to aim for the win.

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