Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Workstation Recreation

No that's not a cushion on the seat of the chair.  That's Merlin.
When I'm sitting in the chair he is often up on the pillow behind my back.

This is the forth or fifth re-creation of a workstation for reading and writing since our move the day after Xmas.  The second one since my return from Longview on Saturday.  So at least three were created between Xmas and January 6 the day before I left town.

All of the ones I tried before had my desk against the left wall next to the window but that just wasn't working except at night as when there was any light from the window I could barely see my screen or anything else for that matter.  The lit up window just insisted it was the only thing worth seeing in the whole wide world.

I think this one will have staying power.  I'm sure I'll be tweaking it some but I doubt I'll be doing a major redo in the near future as I'm liking it already.  Though there is one big tweak I would like to do in the next couple of months.  I don't think it qualifies as a redo as it will be basically the same setup even though it means taking it apart and putting it back together with a board at least the size of a door.

I'd move that right hand green shelf to the right a couple feet or more and move those cardboard boxes serving as temp shelving up onto the board.  All cardboard boxes would eventually be replaced with something more suitable as well.  I have another stack over to my left behind me and out of this shot.  I have far too many books for the available shelf space and I refuse to keep the extras packed away.

The wall to my right features an old entertainment center repurposed for craft storage.  The wall behind me is the closet which is full of boxes and bags from the move awaiting sorting and unpacking--all of them office or craft related.  There is a window in the middle of the wall to my left and I'll be setting up my mini-tramp there as soon as I'm through traipsing back and forth across the room around boxes and bags and miscellaneous clutter.  To the other side of the window I have set up the other large book shelf but it is still empty.  I wore out.  Plus it was getting late if I wanted this post up by midnight.

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