Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home Again

I'm exhausted.  And I wasn't even the one driving for six hour and having to turn around and drive another six.  And that after packing the van twice and helping unpack it again.

But I've had about five hours sleep since Wednesday so I'm running on fumes.  Thus this lazy post with recycled pic and meandering words.

Where oh where is that blue sky we see there?  That pic was taken two days before Xmas, the day we got the key to our new place.  It was cold that day but sunny.  Today was blustery, grey, wet and cold.  AKA Oregon in March.

I came home with more than twice the volume of what I took with me.  Among that were three lamps--two table and one floor; kitchen misc and half a wardrobe of quality second hand clothes.  That last much needed after loosing 20lbs since Xmas.

Ed and Carri unloaded everything into the living room so after Carri hit the road again I started schlepping things to their proper homes in the house.  Am far from done but made a huge dent.

Just got word from my nephew that Carri has made it past halfway home.  On schedule for 11pm arrival.

I was hoping to stay up tonight to participate in Bloggiesta some more and then kick off Script Frenzy at midnight for an hour or two.  But I don't think that is going to happen.  And maybe it shouldn't.  If I sleep now and go with a fresh brain tomorrow I'm sure I'll be more productive and have more fun to boot.

So.  *yawn* Night all.

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