Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bloggiesta Happening This Weekend

I just discovered this was happening this weekend.  Friday through Sunday, midnight to midnight or 12AM Friday thru 12AM Monday.  It is hosted at Suey's It's All About Books where you can sign up.

What is Bloggiesta?  It's a three day challenge and blog-a-thon in which bloggers devote as much time as they can to doing blog related work and asking for and giving help and doing mini-challenges.  And there are prizes.

I'm going to sign up but I'm not going to be able to participate the whole weekend.  I may get to do a little in the wee hours of Friday morning as it begins but then most of Friday and Saturday will be devoted the trip preparations and the trip home Saturday.  Then maybe Saturday night after Ed has gone to bed and if I'm not too exhausted I might get to check in for a bit.  But I will try to devote as much time as possible on Sunday.

Oh, Man.  everything is happening all at once.  The trip home that I was beginning to think was never going to go through.  Script Frenzy starts at midnight Saturday night.  And now this.

I don't know what to commit to working on.  Some possibilities:

  • my sidebars are in dire need of attention
  • checking out the mini-challenges 
  • checking out other blogger participants to see what other's are doing and that I might like to try.  
  • stretch myself socially out of the lurker mindset and leave comments.
  • writing up reviews for the six books I read this month.  Which I could conceivably work on in the car Saturday tho I'm sure my sister and I will be getting our last visit in for most of that five or six hour drive.  

I know that somewhere in my notes is my todo list for the last Bloggiesta which was huge and not nearly completed so I'l look for that to remind myself of all those things I once thought were important to do or change or update ect.

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