Thursday, March 29, 2012

Script Frenzy Resources

Script Frenzy

Some resources I've been bookmarking for Script Frenzy:

I'd planned to make nice text labels to hide the links in and add brief descriptive blurbs and then talk a bit about my Script Frenzy plans for Sunday but my browser has be bratty for the last couple of hours, freezing and java crashes and taking forever to load or to even do simple tasks in the Blogger platform.   A post that should have taken me thirty minutes to do has taken me three hours to just get this far.

Meanwhile, I can't afford to spend any more time on this if I want to do any Bloggiesta stuff before I have to sleep.  And I have to sleep earlier than usual tonight as I will likely get little sleep tomorrow night.  I still have much packing to do and need to have all but the last minute stuff in the van before my sister goes to bed tomorrow night.  We're leaving at 8:30 AM Saturday for Phoenix OR. That's about 33 hours from this moment.

It's about a six hour drive.  But we'll be in the Vancouver WA area for a bit before we hit the freeway south for real.  Then at the other end my sister, Ed and I will unload the van so Carri can turn around and head back north ASAP.  We are leaving Mom in her grandson's company for the day with meals pre-prepared and phone numbers he can call if necessary.  Including his mom's cell.

If all goes as planned, in less than 40 hours I'll be home.

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