Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gone Skwirly

captioned by Joystory at

I've been awake over 36 hours.  silly me.  i was planning to crash as soon as I posted my blog. in fact was micro napping as I worked on this post.  Then my sister informed me it was snowing and sticking.  So i spent the next half hour watching out the window.  

that's all I need is another lure away from the pillow.  i'm an obsessive snow fall watcher and if not for having read an ebook all night last night i'd probably be running to the window every ten minutes tonight.  but I don't dare.  I'd be 'skwirly' for sure by dawn if I did.

it is now after 1am. I started this post before 10pm.  I'd have been done well before midnight if not for these things:

  • snow watching and visiting with my sister by the window; 
  • those micro naps before the snow break;
  • finding the computer when I got back hibernated 
  • and when i woke it up it got busy with a major download I couldn't identify that was hogging RAM and bandwidth making Windows sluggish and browser tabs freeze up;  
  • and discovering after spending an hour locating and captioning a picture on that their new beta site is not providing the embed code 
  • and my brain was so sluggish it took me twenty minutes to realize I could just save the image and upload it to Blogger.  

duh.   *head smack*

And now I'm feeling wide awake again.  Like I could easily read that ebook all night again.  

Or watch the snow.

OK this post is full of typos and awkward grammar.  I could and usually would spend an hour sprucing it up but i think it wold be wiser to let it go this time.  between the fumbling of my fingers which feel semi detached from my brain and the rebellion of my eyes which are refusing to stay focused (so much for reading all night again) I make three more errors every time I go to fix one.  All of the uncapped pronouns and first words are due to my pinky fingers refusing to hit the shift key hard enough.

so I'm outta here....

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