Saturday, October 16, 2010

String's the Thing

OOMMMMMMMM  I iz one wit da stringz

I've been so carried away with the crocheting this week that today I had trouble holding my coffee mug one handed. Yet still I crocheted five more bookmarkds today. The string accompanies me into my dreams.

Passed a milestone today: finished up first entire ball of 400+ yards of thread which was bought new since my bookmark making craze began a year and a half ago and which every inch went into bookmarks. The color was called Parakeet and was a bright turquoise. I'd been a bit obsesses this past month in finding color combos which included turquoise. I paired it with navy blue, yellow, red, kelly green, purple, black and white.

I had plans to pair it with orange, hot pink, burgandy,forest green,brown, bronze, melon, royal blue but they'll all have to wait until I get more Parakeet Blue. i was unable after more than half a year of looking to find any shade of turquoise in local stores so I'll probably have to order online again which I won't do until JoAnn's offers free shipping again as their normal shipping rates does not make the cost per ball economical enough to suit me.

I'm going through a kind of withdrawal from the Parakeet Blue, I couldn't decide at first what colors to move on to. I settled on earth tones--browns and greens. And various orange combos in honor of Halloween. The first one I made was chocolate brown with six different pastel stripes. Like a flowerbed. That was the first one over six inches before dressing with tassels or ribbons in a long while. I've given away all but a few of the long ones I've made so I need to build up that stock again.

The dressed bookmark stock is also depleted so I'm going to need to get the wardrobe out again soon. I haven't spread out the wardrobe--ribbons, thread, floss, buttons, beads etc.--since I brought it all in from the car and stowed it away in our room when I got home in late August. That will be a challenging task in a room shared with a cat. I'm not even sure it's doable.

I really need to get some pictures taken of what I've made since early August so I have them to illustrate posts like this.

I also need to get cracking on tucking the loose tails as I've done very little of that since I left Longview in August. I've got a collection of over a hundred bookmarks now with anywhere from 2 to 22 dangling tails. They've all been stored such that they are folded, wadded or scrunched so they are all going to need blocking as well.

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