Monday, October 18, 2010



I have spent nearly every waking hour in the last week working with string--crochet thread or yarn. Mostly I was crocheting bookmarks with crochet thread but yesterday I started tucking tails on the dozens awaiting that tedious task. I worked at that for hours and hours Sunday afternoon and hours and hours more through the wee hours this morning. I was using a tapestry needle with an eye that was slightly too big to slip through the stitches with ease so I had to push and tug which began to bruise the thumb, index and middle fingers on my right hand.

This morning a visit to Michael's crafts where I found a slimmer needle and a thimble may have made the tail tucking task less dreaded if not less tedious.

The main reason for going to Micheal's though was to pick up two more skeins of the yarn I'm using in the shawl for my sister-in-law's Xmas gift. I used up the first two in about a week right after went shopping for it a month or so ago. I think two skeins got me half way not counting tassels so I'm probably going to need part of a third skein for the tassels.

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