Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rude Awakening

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It wasn't the TV only my reading lamp but it was the cat.

I'm sure it was Merlin trying to drink out of my water tumbler near which hangs the cord to the lamp, who pulled the lamp down onto my back and head waking me from a deep dreaming sleep.

An hour later I'm still discombobulated. It doesn't help that it was after 10pm.

I hate waking up in the late evening which is where my hours have gravitated because of Ed's swing shift hours. 8pm to 1am are usually my most productive hours. But only if I've already been awake for six to eight hours. Because Ed is leaving for work after 3pm I began resisting sleep until after noon in order to be awake when he is both awake and home. But then I'm waking up after dark. He gets home around midnight now and we fix and eat and clean up dinner and it is twoish before he is asleep and I'm left with my crochet, books, videos, writing etc

The last week or so I started moving out of the room at night as I was too antsy to sit still in the small pool of lamp light until dawn. But it takes me half an hour to move out and set up in the living room and half an hour to movie back in. Sometimes I have to make that move back as early as 4:30 when one or the other of Ed's folks will wake.

This shift isn't working for me. I'm left feeling as though I have been clobbered by the TV

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