Saturday, October 23, 2010

48 Hours

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The last 48 hours (11 something Thursday night to 11 something Saturday night) have been an emotional coaster ride and totally messed up the new sleep schedule I was trying to implement. I had purposely shorted myself on sleep Thursday so I could be asleep six to eight hours sooner than the previous week or so. I hoped to be waking by noon instead of laying down to sleep.

Had already posted before Ed got home from work at 10:30 that night and anticipated being asleep by 3 if not sooner. Then Ed's laptop was stolen off the front porch after he was lured out into the back yard to toss a ball back to a kid over by the pool.
Well it was after 2 before Ed calmed down enough to sleep and then I decided the best way for me to work off the angst of the whole incident and its implications was to write about it so I spent two hours writing Friday's post. And then another two hours watching Netflix online.

It was after 7 before I got to sleep and then Ed woke me less than two hours later to tell me his Mom was loaning him the money to replace his laptop. After he left with his Dad to shop for it I tried to get back to sleep but it was too bright in the room and my mind was buzzing and my belly mumbling so when I heard them get back a bit over an hour later I got up to go see it and to get something to eat.

So it was once again nearly noon before I got back to sleep. And then, per my orders, Ed brought me a cup of coffee as he began to get ready for work just before 2. I sat up and sipped at it for a minute or so but lay back down thinking I was safe from falling back to sleep as Ed would be back in to get dressed in five minutes.

Ha! The next thing I knew I was opening my eyes in a dark room again. I saw the number 11 on my clock and thought it was 11PM but it was only 7:11. I sat up and began drinking the cold coffee as I lifted the lid of my netbook. Having already posted for the day I was free to do what I wanted and since Ed wasn't hogging bandwidth gaming I wanted to watch Netflix online. For an hour or two anyway. At least until my eyes could focus well enough to read or crochet.

But no go. The internet was down and stayed down until after 9:30.

I gave up waiting at 8 and put the Netflix DVD of Beloved in the drive. A 2:55 minute movie though the end titles were over 20 minutes. That was a treat since I'd been trying to get my hands on that movie for a decade. Had wanted to see it when it was in the theaters in 98 but couldn't and then none of the several libraries I had access to over the next 12 years ever carried it.

I'd read the book when it came out in the early 90s and it had put Toni Morrison into my top 10 fav authors list. I think it is past time to read it again as I read it before the sea change in my psyche the winter of 94/95 and now I also want to compare it to the movie and my memory needs refreshing. I really don't get why the movie didn't do well with either critics or boxoffice at the time. Surely it had to be more than it being too long. It wasn't too long for me. I was captivated from scene one to the end.

Anyway, I'd watched one episode of Arrested Development online after Beloved was over and then quit anticipating being interrupted by Ed's return from work at any moment but he didn't get home until after 12:30.

And once again it was after 2 before he was asleep. So my expectation of making good use of the 6-9 hours of Ed not needing either the net nor my attention fared no better than the flies that buzz Bruiser's nose. Thus I stayed up a couple hours longer than I intended watching Netflix online. And then I slept until after 1pm. Not so bad actually. Only two hours off the ideal.

Ed currently has Saturday and Sunday off so I anticipated he'd be online until dinner and again until after 9pm and so he was. I spent the afternoon reading or crocheting while listening to news pods More of the same for a couple hours after dinner and dishes. Tho for an hour of that the crocheting accompanied a phone visit with my sister-friend Jamie.

Ed's folks headed to bed about 9:30 then the two of us watched the library DVD of Slumdog Millionaire on the big flat screen in the living room and then visited awhile before he began to prepare for bed and I to prepare this post.

And that was my 48 hour coaster ride.

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