Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rapt in String

iz all rapt up n mai string nao.  ai plaz wit u laterz. ktnxbai

I was crocheting for hours today and completely lost track of time and the rest of the world. Remembered I still needed to post just in time to start a draft before midnight but had no chance to type a single letter before Ed got home with food to fix and things to share. By the time food fixings were put away and I'd cleared the bed of my string projects and moved them and my netbook and books out to the livingroom and Ed was zzzzzzzzzzzzzing it was past 2am.

I had been planning a post about the crocheted bookmarks for tonight but still haven't taken the pictures for it so instead I played around on until I found something fitting to caption.

Now I've got less than an hour before I may need to move my stuff back into our room and I still haven't got on the mini-tramp yet. Don't want to miss a night now as I'm trying to establish a habit and three days in a row isn't sufficient.

So 90% of the stuff I spent half an hour moving out here probably won't even get used before I have to schlep it all back.

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