Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Phoenix Feathers: Big Cat Rescue

Meowloween Video: Big Kittehs Play With Pumpkins

This video was featured on icanhazcheezeburger.com. I loved it so much I watched four times. Then of course I had to follow the link shown at the end of the video and scope out what Big Cat Rescue was all about. They are a sanctuary for big cats in Tampa Florida where they maintain a cat-a-tat on 40 some acres that is an enriched living environment for big cats from bob cats to lions and every size, shape and color in the spectrum. These cats have been rescued from abusive and unhealthy living conditions from illegal home pets and fur farms to various exploitative entertainment situations and incidents in the wild that leave them either temporarily or permanently unable to fend for themselves.

There were more videos to watch on BigCatRescue.org where you can subscribe to their newsletter alerting you to new videos.

Alternatively you can

They also have guided tours of their sanctuary on which you can watch the tenders feeding the cats as seen in a few frames of the Meowloween video.

They hold a fund raising event every October called the Fur Ball which looks like a purrtasitic pawtrotting extravaganza. Video of the 2010 event can be found here.

Bobcat kittens fostered by domestic mama cat.

From the moment I saw the video on icanhazcheezeburger I knew I would be posting it but after a few minutes on BigCatRescue.org I knew I had to do more than a post in haste drop and run as per usual with fun vids or LOLcats. I wanted to do something to feature the work Big Cat Rescue does and honor them for it. Then I remembered the Phoenix Feather, a kind of kudos post about individuals and organizations doing unselfish things on behalf of the vulnerable or victimized which I'd set out to make a regular feature of my blog in the early months of its existence. But I'd been distracted and let it slide into oblivion after only a few posts.

This has inspired me to revive the Phoenix Feather as a regular feature at Joystory.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th videos I've posted here give some highlights of the kind of work Big Cat Rescue does. Above is the story of a litter of orphaned bobcat kittens fostered by a domestic mama cat--a match facilitated by Big Cat Rescue.

Below is the story of an abused and exploited tiger which they are trying to rescue. Tony the tiger is a prime example of why the need to stop patronizing such entertainment venues is as urgent as the need to stop buying real fur--in both cases the animals are bred for a short unhappy life in cages. This includes those businesses who provide baby lions and tigers for appearances at malls, birthday parties and such where petting and other play by the attendees is allowed. I mean think about it! The kittens are small enough to play safe with humans for only a few weeks and then what becomes of them?

The video at bottom shows one of the ways 'going green' has been implemented at the sanctuary.

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger

Tigers go Green

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