Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Storybook Bed

da bes bed eva!

This wold be my 'cheezburger!!

Speaking of beds. Best or not I've gotta find mine and fall in. Had less than five hours of sleep this morning and have been awake since 9AM. We just got back from visiting Jamie in the ICU at a Vancouver hospital. I have to be up and awake in time to fix Mom's lunch as my sister is going to go sit with Jamie from late morning to mid afternoon and then come get Mom and I after Mom's nap. It'll probably be near midnight again when we get home tomorrow. It has been all week so far.

Was gonna say at least a little about Jamie's condition today but I can't keep my eyes open and focused and am typoing in every other word. Suffice to say she is improving in small increments. Not as fast as the doctors hoped for though. They can't wean her off the ventilator. They are giving her a day or two more to show significant improvement in the number of hours she can keep her oxygen levels up without the ventilator and if she doesn't meet their expectations they are going to transfer her to a facility in Portland that specializes in weaning of respirators.

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