Saturday, July 10, 2010

BP Makes Me Sick

Join experts, political leaders, and thousands of Americans in signing the statement:

We cannot let the denial of protective gear that hurt so many 9/11 clean-up workers happen again with the Gulf clean-up workers.

President Obama and the federal government must demand that BP allow every clean-up worker who wants to wear respiratory protective equipment to do so -- and ensure that workers get the equipment and training they need to do their jobs safely.
Over 50K signatures already.

Forbidding workers from wearing protective gear around hazardous materials is a crime and if the government and law enforcement will not intervene they are themselves complicit and displaying the final proof that America is no longer free but owned by big corporations and voting is a sham, a circus performance put on for the sole purpose of pacifying the populace.

Obama can not claim that the White House has been calling the shots from day one of the oil rig explosion and continue to allow this travesty to continue unless he wishes to own the policy of preventing workers the use of appropriate protection as his own. The first hints of this story were breaking over a month ago so it very much looks like the administration either can't or won't enforce compliance of worker safety rules regarding the handling of hazardous materials.

This is not change I can believe in Mr President. The hope you engendered in my spirit two years ago is going the way of the brown pelican and the marshes of Louisiana.

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