Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

Stop n smell da rozez dey sed.  sed noting bout takn em to bed wit u

It's been a long day on a short sleep. Including several hours of socializing with friends of my Mom who were strangers to me except for one couple. who are dear to me and whom for the sake of seeing I attended the AARP chapter picnic.

I've been fighting the sleepies ever since we got home this afternoon. Maybe I should have followed Mom's example and taken a nap But I didn't so here I am five hours later with less than lazer focus eyes and mind. I should stop fighting it. Especially as tomorrow is my sister's last full day here before she takes off for a week leaving me alone with Mom so it'll be my last chance to ask questions, get schedules, menus, routines etc straight.

I was looking forward to watching a few Bones season 2 episodes tonight as it came in at the library today. Season 3 had come in yesterday and is due Monday but I didn't want to start it until I could watch the last five episodes of season 2. Now I'm unlikely to have the time to cram all 23 or so episodes in by Monday evening let alone Monday noonish when my sister heads out which, if she doesn't drop them off then I'll have to find someone willing to come run them over to the library before it closes. So I should maybe just do the best I can before she leaves and send for 3 again after she gets home or even after I get home next month.

Its a silly thing to be fretting about and a measure of my fatigue that I'm wasting words and thought on it. It's time to hit the sheets.

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Jamie 7/19/2010 9:30 AM  

Bones, love Bones. Lets have a chat soon. Miss you, tell mom hello...

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