Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'd Rather be Dreaming

Sleeping on teh job.

May need to sleep on the blog job some this week as my day duties have to take priority. This was the third of seven days that I'm assisting my Mom alone while my sister is on vacation with her son. It is going well. In fact way better than I anticipated. I'm gaining confidence. But today I showed marked evidence of sleep deprivation. Began by oversleeping after turning off alarm. Waking at 11:30am meant having to start lunch prep immediately with zero waking up time.

Was lethargic, day-dreamy, ditzy, fumble-fingered, stumbled-toed most of the day. I did do all my duties: lunch prep and clean-up; kitten feed & water outside; cat feed and water downstairs; cat feed and water upstairs; front yard water by hose; backyard water by sprinkler; top off water in Mom's breathing machine (which she uses at night against apnea); shower & shampoo; dinner prep and clean-up. In between chores I racked up two hours of reading in Wally Lamb's The Hour I First Believed and two hours of crochet. I had hoped to go out on the mini-tramp but kept wimping out.

By the time Mom was heading to bed at 9pm I felt ready myself but I sat down with netbook to work on a post. I was preparing something somewhat ambitious and I finally just ran out of oomph.

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