Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soon, Sister-Friend. Soon



It's 7PM, I'm sitting in the waiting room at SW Medical. They have a public WIFI here.

Jamie, sister-friend. We are so proud of you. You have been breathing without the respirator for eight hours so far today. That is so great. If you can keep it up they may not send you to the other place whose program for weaning can take months. The sooner you don't need that respirator the sooner you can be free of that bed and do for yourself again, the sooner you can start the rehab program, the sooner they can take out the trach so you can talk again, the sooner they can take out the feeding tube so you can have real food again, the sooner you can go home!


You had been breathing on your own for 11 hours at the time we left tonight. Keep that up and you could be out of there much sooner than we could hope three days ago.

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