Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #74

Thirteen Pictures of the Phoenix OR Branch Library Temporary Building June 2005-January 2008

1. Here you see Adult Fiction part one. I'm standing beside the As and the bottom right shelf across from me ended in the Ks and sometimes the middle of the Ls.

2. This was directly to my left as a took the previous shot. There was no room for two people to pass between the backs of the chairs at the computer desk and the A-G shelves of Adult Fiction. Two local teens are using the Internet. One of the librarians is using the printer and the other is in the office.

3. This shot is of the room I was just standing in from the equally tiny room on the other side of the H-K shelves of Adult Fiction. To my left was the entire Adult Non-fiction shelves. A pitiful 25% of the Phoenix Branch NF collection as the rest was put in storage awaiting the move to the new building.

4. Directly to my right after taking the previous shot. Here is the rest of the Adult Fiction. L-Z. I am backed up into the corner where the Adult NF and the YA books meet and I could almost put one foot on the child's chair which I'd had to move before I could get those two shots.

5. This was taken as I entered the above room facing the front window under which are the YA (Young Adult) Fiction and NF and Magazines. My left elbow is next to the Adult Fiction H-K (behind me) and L-N. I actually took this picture before I moved the chair to take the one above.

6. Now with my back to that section of shelves my elbow was touching above I aim the camera down the narrow isle towards the front room. The library catalog computer stands beside the check-out counter.

The odd sized shelves to my right are from a previous incarnation of this building as a post office and was where items requested from other branches are held for pickup. (Other incarnations included a dentist office and a pet store.)

During the two years in the temp building over 90% my business was conducted off one of these shelves. The librarian actually set aside the largest one for mine and Ed's requests. It was about two feet tall by ten inches or so wide. I wish I'd thought to get a shot of it but at the time I took this picture that particular shelf was being used for a display. This was just after Christmas and the libraries had only reopened the last week of October after their lack-of-funding closure April 6. Neither Ed nor I had stepped our requests up to the old level yet as he was working holiday season hours and I had been involved with NaNo in November and a visit to my Mom's in December.

7. Now my back is to those request shelves. This is the children's collection. The YA (and etc) room was to my left and the front room to my right.

8. Now I'm in the front room with the front door at my back. The New Books, Spanish Language collection, Periodicals, and theDVD and Video collection are to my right. Straight ahead is the checkout counter. To my left:

9. A large reading table was always covered with various displays and overflow from the other shelves in this room. New Books and Large Print and Audio Books especially. Those are my bags packed and ready to go. The wheeled bag in the chair and the plastic bag on the table.

10. I moved to the other side of the table to get this shot of the door. That is my white cane in the corner. The shelves there are the New Fiction and DVDs. Most of the other 10% of my business was conducted at this shelf.

11. Outside now. That blue box was the return box. It sat in a parking lot that could hold about four cars. Those brick encased flowerbeds were where I would sit to wait for the library to open after arriving to drop off books that had been due the previous day. That was also where I was sitting on the day the library reopened in October.

12. From the other end. Here you see the front door and next to it the window to the children's room and next to that the window to the YA (and etc.) room.

13. To the right of the front door is the window to the front room. There was a Xerox machine under that window. And an Encyclopedia set along with a few other Reference materials. I'm sure I had a shot of that but I guess I hadn't gotten to it yet when I realized I had my thirteen pictures prepared.

Tune in next week for pics of the brand new building. I may have to do two or three TT off them I took so many during the grand opening party and on my second visit today I saw bunches of things I hadn't seen that day. I'll have to return with the camera again. I'd put my camera in my jacket pocket as we prepared to leave today but then switched from jacket to heavy coat and forgot to get the camera.

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6 tell me a story:

Susan Helene Gottfried 2/21/2008 5:27 PM  

That's an interesting color... and so cramped. Oy! What is it with you and small spaces, Joy?

Julia Phillips Smith 2/21/2008 5:45 PM  

It may have been cramped but at least they set up a temporary spot. Thanks for the tour, Joy Renee - I love your photo essays!


The Thursday Thirteen site itself seems to be down right now. I hope that it comes up soon. I would like visitors. :-)

Small but neat library. :-)

Ann 2/21/2008 7:51 PM  

Interesting pictures, hopefully if they moved us into a temporary building it will be larger than that (that's a Whole lot of movin' goin' on).

Ann 2/21/2008 8:08 PM  

P.S. I posted my snippet. :)

Anonymous,  2/23/2008 10:27 AM  

Love the photographs, but wow---small space....I basically love any photo with books in it!

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