Friday, February 01, 2008

Fun In the Sn

Bet you thought I left the 'u' out.

No. I left off the 'ow'.

We had a lot of snow early this week. 9 inches on Sunday. It all melted by Thursday but we continue to get a mix of rain and snow that doesn't stick for more than a few hours if at all.

I have a funny story to tell on myself.

Ed and I went for a walk in the falling snow on Sunday. It was my idea. At least it was my idea to go with him. We had to get some library items in the drop box before morning. Ed usually makes that walk alone as he can do it twice as fast without me. I was gleeful as a child about it but he would have preferred to stay in even if it meant eating the library fines. He has to work on the shipping docks in the stuff and doesn't think it is fun anymore.

About half way to the library, I noticed that a traffic sign indicating merging lanes ahead was covered in a half inch of snow and unreadable. I thought that was dangerous so as I walked under it I reached my white cane up to brush off the snow. Most of it fell on my face, coating my glasses, inside my hood and down my neck and inside the front of my coat.

And wouldn't you know it but my zipper was stuck. By the time I got my coat unzipped the snow had melted. While I stood there struggling with the coat with the hood down, snow fell off the phone and power lines overhead and hit me on the head and cars going by slung slush that hit me in the back of the legs and when I swung around to see what in the world, I got hit in the front with great globs of brown slush.

OK fun was over.

I had my new digital camera out and had been taking pictures of everything in sight. But wasn't snapping one at the moment the snow fell off the sign. Too bad I wasn't shooting a video. I could have sent it to AFV.

On the return walk we were walking into the very slight breeze and suddenly I wasn't gleeful anymore. I was getting hit in the eyeballs with snowflakes and sucking in and spitting out large ones the size of Monarch butterflies because I couldn't breathe through my nose. By the time we got back home the footprints we'd left in the two inches on the driveway on the way out were filled in and then some. I haven't seen that much snow at once since I was a kid.

This was the sign I knocked the snow off of. I took this pic on the way home and after we'd passed it by about ten yards. It was already being obscured by snow again.

This is of the driveway as we were returning. It shows by their absence the obliterated footprints we'd left behind an hour earlier.

This is down the lane and shows how you can barely see the next yard or across the street.

As soon as we got home, Ed went in and brought Merlin out. See the flakes on his back? I'm wasn't kidding about the Monarch butterfly sized snowflakes.

This is Merlin saying, "Fun is done!" It's a bit blurry because I'm holding the leash and he is lunging like an ox trying to lurch a loaded wagon into motion.

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Ann 2/02/2008 6:19 PM  

That's a lot of snow. Glad to hear you made it back home okay. Enjoy the rest of your weekend (wish me luck I'm hosting my very first superbowl party). :)

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