Friday, February 08, 2008

Sick Day

I'm taking a sick day. I've got that bug Ed came down with last weekend. It is wiping me out. This was the second day. My apologies to those who visited my TT and Friday Snippet over the last two days. It was all I could do just getting the post up. I'll do my best to make the visits as my energy and vision permit. Illness usually further compromises my vision. Especially anything affecting the sinus cavity or ear canal This bug feels more like the flu then a cold.

If it wasn't that I have less than eight weeks to make my goal of an entire year of daily posts, I'd have blown this one off. I haven't missed a day since April 9th. The day I returned the last library book after our libraries closed indefinitely April 6th, not to reopen until late October.

I really try to avoid sounding whiny in my posts. So to balance the above I will add that I am so grateful that Ed and I were able to get our room organized and cleaned last month and keep it that way ever since. It is a much pleasanter place to hang out now. But more to the point of this post, it is a much pleasanter place to be while sick. Our new arrangement has been test-driven hard the past three weeks and it keeps surpassing our expectations.

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