Monday, February 18, 2008

Tagged: Six Unimportant Things About Me

Ann tagged me with this.

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog entry.
5. Let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

  1. I lived as a child on a street sandwiched between a mall and a high school. Between, in other words a lake of concrete and a lack of asphalt as the parking lots were nearer the street than the buildings and took up more square yards by far than the buildings.
  2. My brother and I raided the Wards dumpster area for appliance boxes i.e. fridge, oven, dishwashers, dryers etc. We dragged them home and built forts in the back yard with them. Two story affairs with complex mazes leading to our individual personal rooms and a common area where we played chess and monopoly by flashlight on summer days.
  3. At age four I was playing hide and seek with my nearly three year old brother and hid in a large aluminum garbage can with the grass clippings. I heard our mother calling us in but was determined that I would not come out until I was found. But nobody came to find me. I finally was forced by nature's call to go in the house. Only to find that nobody was home. I only had a few minutes or even less than three minutes to feel scared though as my best friend, the neighbor girl five years older than me, had come at my mother's request to hunt for me and bring me back to her house where my Mom and gone with my brother to do a fitting of an outfit she was sewing for my friend's mother.
  4. That was the friend who taught me how to ride a bike. In secret in the high school parking lot behind her house. And then she walked behind me as I rode it around the block to the front of our house where my Mom was working in the flowerbeds. I called out to her as I zipped by. "Look, Mom!' and as I zipped by I also kept my eyes on her instead of the sidewalk and as I looked to my left I aimed the handlebars to the right and zipped on out into rush our traffic all the way across to the mall parking lot, darting between the bumpers of cars stopped for the red light a block away. That little stunt, pulled to convince my parents I was big enough to have a bike of my own may have contributed to me not getting one until I was eleven.
  5. A few years before that, at not quite 2, while playing in the sprinkler in the front yard, I stripped down to my birthday suit.
  6. I began exhibiting signs of hoarding as early as five when our bathroom was remodeled and I rescued several pieces of the decades old flooring out of the garbage and put them under my mattress. At the head of the bed. I cried when they found them and threw them away, calling them 'nasty'. I could just not wrap my brain around the idea that anything that pretty shade of blue could be nasty.

I tag Jamie, And anybody who sees this and wants to play. I know that is not the rules but I also know that everybody I can think of to tag is overwhelmed with duties and deadlines right now and/or has just been tagged by someone else. If you want to play, let me know and I'll come see and link you right there next to Jamie.

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