Sunday, February 10, 2008

Monday Poetry Train #32

Still no new poem of my own. So I thought I would take this opportunity to send you to the blog of my nephew Jessie who is currently serving in Baghdad as an Army Medic. Jessie is 19 and interested in dragons and dogs. He hopes to study veterinary medicine after completing his service. He has just recently discovered he doesn't hate writing as much as he always thought he did. He writes regular newsy notes to family and friends and has posted a couple of his poems on his My Space blog. That link takes you directly to the poems since the My Space front pages are notoriously slow to load.

In the email in which he sent that picture, Jessie tells us that the buddies who took it then stuck pretzels up his nose and took more pictures--or attempted to, I'm wasn't clear on whether they succeeded before he woke.

In my mind, I see him as he was nineteen years ago, clearer than I see the keys beneath my hand.

My Mother holding her first grandchild, Jessie at age 4-6 mo.

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Anonymous,  2/11/2008 7:27 AM  

This is a touching post. I wish Jesse a great future.

I will go check his writing.

broken lines

Susan Helene Gottfried 2/11/2008 8:19 AM  

It's hard, having family -- even distant family -- in the military in these days.

Jill 2/11/2008 3:21 PM  

Since I don't have a MySpace account, I couldn't comment on his blog! I like the way he compare the war to a chess game!
Thank for sharing!

Julia Phillips Smith 2/11/2008 5:08 PM  

I don't have a MySpace account either, so could you pass along to your nephew that his poem hit its mark. I really love the last stanza:

'Slide, Shuffle Checkmate, Handshake
The next generation, the board reset
The wagers bet, the stakes are set
Slide, Shuffle, Checkmate, Handshake'

Thanks so much for sharing his work with us, Joy Renee.

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