Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Serenity #338

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Today down in the Rogue Valley, Ed went golfing with his brother and our nephew.  I got to enjoy imagining them having fun blasting balls across the landscape while I gazed out the window here in Longview watching the rain fall and the leaves on the neighbor's trees dancing.

I'm not being snarky.  I truly enjoyed imagining their enjoyment.

And I didn't spend the whole day in vicarious enjoyment.  My sister took me to Michael's to have my own kind of fun among the thread.

I bought a book of counted cross stitch patterns for bookmarks and some aida cloth, a ball of size 10 crochet crochet thread in Cream, a color I don't have in my palette yet.  I also picked up a size 12 crochet hook, now the smallest hook in my collection.  I seldom see them smaller than size 10 in the stores.

I also got a couple of gadgets for counting rows on crochet projects.  This will help me with a couple of projects that give me fits every time I set them aside for a day or two and then have to try to figure out where in the pattern I left off.  Along with those I got a packet of stitch markers.

And on the 'as is' shelf I picked up a string of beads that had several broken ones for 1/6 the full cost.  I'll pull them off the string and use the good ones singly to decorate bookmarks.

All that for $16.  It's the first time I've spent money on myself for non-essentials since the first of the year.

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