Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Serenity #337

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Three days in a row with no meltdowns.

I've been patient with myself.  Pampered myself some.

Allowed for a lot of lazy but no wallowing.  A lot of daydreaming but no dwelling on what's not doable today.

I put some fun stuff on the agenda like watching Dr Who on Netflix while crocheting.  And some tasks geared toward making things easier going forward--like more unpacking and organizing with the focus on clothes and workstations.  Today it was the scanning station and folding clothes.

And of course there were the two hour chats with Ed each day since Friday followed by taking Merlin for walks.

And reading to Mom.

And sleeping.  Still not getting over six each night regularly but I'm no longer going over 24 without once or twice a week and that is a huge change.  I've started putting on a blindfold when I wake up after less than four and trying to go back to sleep and usually do for an hour or two at least.  Once I got a full eight by doing that.  But then I was up against the mental anf physical lethargy thing that follows sleeps longer than six hours.

The Ritalin was supposed to address that but I stopped taking it daily after discovering the role it played in ramping up my anxiety and irritability and setting me up for meltdowns.  It seemed to be OK for when I had physical tasks that also needed mental acuity but required no social interaction and no emotional evenness.  It was useless for brain work that required sitting still like reading and writing.  I meet with the med nurse again next week and hope we can address that.

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