Friday, May 17, 2013

Crawling Out of the Wallow

The Walking Willows

I am sitting in The Electric Bean cafe with my sister as I type this line, listening to this band and sipping a Brava decaf.

Going to the EB with Carri was one of the things on my list of Comfort Activities that I started making last night as I worked on Thursday's post where I said I'd given myself one whole week to wallow and it was time to wean myself off the waterworks.

Other things on the list:

Go to the library
Walk over at Lake Sacajawea
Work out on Mini Tramp
Take Merlin out to explore yard
Read novels
Watch movies
Crochet or other fiber art
Write stories and poems
Read to Mom
Play computer solitaire games==Spider and Mahjong top my list of favs
Sort and organize stuff.  Yeah I'm weird that way and there is lots of it to deal with after the move.  And after I get mine swung there is Mom's...
The Family Photo Scan Project--finish scanning and start creating virtual albums and have Mom talk about the who, what, when and where
Visit Powell's bookstore in Portland
Go thread or yarn shopping
Hold or play with a baby--problem is there are not babies in my life right now.  Calling all babies....

And of course there are the daily chats and email exchanges with Ed and soon we'll have video chat back and more than once a day contact.

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