Monday, May 06, 2013


2 minutes after a cloudburst
We had a thunderstorm in the valley today.  I was out on the porch on the mini-tramp when the first flash and clap hit and it startled me so bad I leaped off the tramp near the front rail clear to the middle of the porch at least four feet away.  A few minutes later the cloud over us burst and rain was coming down so hard I could barely see straight across the street.  I rushed inside for the camera but by the time I got back out less than a minute later it had already lightened up considerably but the water was gushing past in the lane so that it would have gone over the top of regular shoes in the middle.

In the several hours before the storm hit I'd been hanging out on the porch alternately reading, writing and bouncing on the tramp.  Just before the storm hit I had brought the boom box outside so I could have the music for a vigorous workout and also to drown out the sound of a stormy relationship in the trailer next door where shouts, thumps, running feet, and slamming doors had been going on for over an hour.

My own mood was a bit stormy all day as well.  It did not help when I got so involved in taking pictures of the storm I forgot to move the chair I'd been sitting in by the rail and it got soaked as did my coat that I'd left hanging on it after taking it off when the cool morning had morphed into a warm afternoon.  Nor did my mood improve upon discovering that the storm had interrupted the internet connection and it had not returned by midnight when I had to take my meds and go to bed.

The net wasn't back by morning either so Ed ad I had to walk to the library so I could get my posts up for Monday and Tuesday.

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Jamie 5/08/2013 1:59 AM  

I am glad you weren't struck.

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