Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Flux Sucks

Temporary Workstation in Living Room at Home

Everything is in flux.

With the room that was once my office now being where most of the packing is being done I set up my temp 'office' in the living  room.  It took me most of the first week to get it just right and now tomorrow I have to start taking it apart again.

Very Temporary Workstation outside Library as I prepare this post
With the Internet being down for some unexplained reason at home we have to trek to the library every day so I can post and check email and check in with my sister whose travel plans are still in flux as well.  I'm expecting her some time on Friday tho so I have at most two more nights here in Phoenix. And no idea when the next visit will be.

And just like with my last visit down Ed will be without Internet for an unknown time and we'll have to make do with when he can get to the library.  So no good morning emails.  No Skype.  And maybe whole days with nothing at all.

I don't like flux.

Tough cookies.  Flux couldn't care less what I like.

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