Saturday, May 18, 2013

Having Lazy Day

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I gave myself a low expectations day.

Did not exactly do nothing but what I did was no pressure and very little 'I don't want to but I have to' things.  The only thing in that last category was having to call in renewals to two prescriptions.  I hate using the phone.  Hate it to the level of phobia.  My sister is still making and taking nearly all of my phone calls but for the prescription renewals that can be handled without talking to a person I'm learning to do them.

Baby steps.

I made it through a whole day without any waterworks.  In fact I think it has been two.  I can't be certain but the last meltdown episode I can remember with clarity was Thursday before dinner.

This morning I spent a couple hours crocheting while listening to news pods.  I'm a month behind on listening to my news pods.  No actually before I started listening two days ago I was backed up all the way to April 3rd.  I reached April 10th this afternoon.

I spent another two hours text chatting with Ed this afternoon.  Hopefully he'll have Internet hooked up at his folks by Monday evening and we can once again video chat.  Miss the sound of his voice.

Right after we said our good-byes, I spent an hour playing with Merlin--brushing and taking him for a walk outside on his leash.  That has become my ritual segue from chatting with Ed.  I go down to the laundry room and share my missing him with the other warm body that misses him.  I hope it won't be long before Merlin can hang with me and not have to be 'in jail'.

Also fiddled in the metadata of my calibre ebook library for a few minutes.  Added some more ebooks to the library as well.

All on my list of Comfort Activities.

I was planning to reestablish my ROW80 check-ins tonight.  But I'm feeling too lazy.  Maybe by Wednesday I'll be ready to get back on that track.

Baby steps.

For the next couple of hours I plan to crochet while watching vids.  Possibly back to the news pods but I am thinking of watching a story on Netflix.  Have not done that since I arrived at my Mom's in January.  There are several TV shows whose next seasons I was waiting for and a couple of them are now available.  One of them is Bones and the last episode of that I watched was a major cliffhanger.

But before I can do that I need to go empty the sink into the dishwasher for my sister.  Am trying to take that on for her.

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