Friday, May 03, 2013

Play Day

The three of us--Ed, Merlin and I--had a play day.  Ed had today off and it was our first whole day alone together. We mostly just chilled.

One of the highlights of the day was watching our Merlin playing.  I got a video of some of it but don't feel like taking the time to upload it so I can post it.  So these two still shots I got just as he began to tucker and then actually fall asleep in mid tussle will have to do.  In the one at top he was thumping that tennis ball with his hind legs while gripping it with his front paws and rubbing his face all over it.  Hilarious.

But even funnier was how quickly he went from that to this:

In the five minutes just before these shots he was chasing balls up and down the hall and then a rubberband around the living floor.  He's come a long way from the sick furbaby he was a month ago.

He learned to shoot a rubber band across the room as a kitten and it is a hoot to watch him.  I was hoping to get that on the video but he didn't perform the trick only picked it up and tossed it then pounced on it.  Pretty funny anyway but not the special Merlin trick I've been wanting to capture on video since he was a kitten.

The topper for our day was two hours out on the porch listening to music.  We'd taken our dinners out there as the oven had made the house unbearable.  After we ate though we visited while listening to a soft rock radio station.  I spent 30 minutes doing a vigorous workout on the mini-tramp and then an hour crocheting.

We have a big play day planned for tomorrow so I'm going to try for an early night.  We are planning to take the bus to Ashland to walk in Lithia park.  One of my favorite places anywhere.  The earlier I can be ready to go the better so the earlier I get to sleep the better.

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