Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Serenity #336

This song has been one of the things helping me get through this rough skied weekend--the first days and nights away from Ed again and this time with no idea when the next time might be nor where as I was also leaving behind for the last time the house we called home for the last sixteen months with no idea when or where we might again have a place to make our home together.

I first heard the song on the radio at home while listening to Delilah with Ed during one of our last evenings together. Then yesterday I heard it again when surfing the FM band here in Longview looking for the local station that carries Delilah.  I never did find one so tonight I checked online to see if there even was one.  There is one Portland station but it won't come in on the radio I'm using.  Whether that is the fault of the radio or the location of this room I don't know but in the list of stations across America that carry Delilah there were several that also provide live feed online for the same hours they are airing the show--I chose KBAY out of San Jose because we once called the Bay Area home.  But there is an Internet station called iheart that carries the show all the time.  So I will get my Delilah fix one of those ways.

Tho I discovered tonight that it is nearly impossible to listen to a radio station online while trying to do anything else with the browser.  Whether composing this post, searching or composing emails everything kept freezing and crashing.  So I guess I'll have to save it for when I'm crocheting or working out on the mini-tramp.

Listening to Delilah and the music together had become something we cherished by the end of our week together and by that last night Ed had changed his mind about having me take the boombox with me as he'd rediscovered the importance of music to his happiness and wanted to be able to listen to Delilah in honor of us while we are apart.

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