Thursday, May 02, 2013

And She's Off

Carri Rollerblading past our house Tuesday
 My sister took off for Longview just before 7:30 this evening.  She has a six or seven hour drive ahead of her and she has been as active as I have been today and I'm ready to crash.

I packed over twenty boxes today.  I lost count around twenty and I sent four more out to the van after dinner so there were at least twenty-four.

Van from back
 All of my boxes but one were lidded and there were no bags so most of the lidless boxes and all of the bags visible were her stuff that went in after mine.

Besides the boxes one bookshelf went in this time.

Van from side
This was the forth van load of our stuff going up to Longview since January.  There will be one more next weekend when I return to Longview and Ed moves in with our Nephew over in Medford until he can find a way to get us back into our own place.

I'm exhausted.  Besides the packing I did a vigorous hour workout on the mini-tramp and a half hour walk with Ed up to the store and back this afternoon.

Ed worked today and he's exhausted and on his way to bed.  I'm going to lay down as well. Even tho I've not yet been awake a full twelve hours.

If I sleep OK and if I don't OK.  I have an alarm set for midnight for my meds in case I do fall asleep.  I need to keep my med schedule intact and have chosen midnight and noon at least for the duration of my stay here and may consider keeping it that way once back in Longview.  It fits my usual nightowlish self.

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