Sunday, October 14, 2012

39th ROW80 Check-In

A Round of Words in 80 Days
Round 4 2012

The writing challenge that knows you have a life
I'm doing things quite differently this round.  Since I joined mid Round 2 this year I have been using a blog-within-a-blog format for these check-in posts with updates stacked atop previous updates and commentary added under each goals section including a string of Ns and Ys for the five time investment goals.  This got quite unwieldy by mid round.

So now I've created a Google Doc Spreadsheet to keep track of the Ns and Ys and have set up a ROW80 page to feature the goals sans commentary.  These check-in posts will now contain only the commentary relating to the previous half week, a screenshot of the relevant lines on the spreadsheet and link to the spreadsheet and goals page.

View the spreadsheet Google Doc directly
View the goals list

Obviously I'm still having difficulty prioritizing the writing elements of the goals and for this being a writing challenge that is a problem.

The life events that monopolized my attention this week were:

  • The serious illness of a family friend.  Good news on that front.  Janet may be going home this weekend!  They are still watching closely her left arm and two fingers on that hand for infection in the several spots that turned black from lack of circulation.  As long as there is no infection now that circulation is back there is a good chance her body can repair the damage from the inside but once infection sets in so does gangrene and the risk of a repeat of the septic shock so they would have to amputate.  Prayers are still needed for this wonderful lady and her family.
  • Prep and more prep for and participation in Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon this week end.  I hosted a mini-challenge with the prize of my crocheted bookmarks and spent two hours as cheerleader.
  • The Secret Santa crochet project took several hits over the past week and I'm falling behind to the point of panic.
  • The plans for my visit to my Mom's in November have been moved up tho the date is still not set so my thots have turned to packing for that 4 to 6 week stint away from home.
  • I'm fighting a virus.  Probably the same one my husband is recovering from.  Mild so far but still unfun and messes with energy and ambition and my sense of what is possible to accomplish on any given day

With only two weeks left until Nano starts I am intending to make this week about breaking the ice on the writing elements.  I can't expect to have a successful first week of NaNo if I wait until November 1st to do that.  And this year for the first time I won't be able to hole up in my writing cave for the entire month of November as I will be at my Mom's for most of the month.  From what ever day I arrive in late October until at least Thanksgiving week.  It is possible the month would be broken up into two travel days as it is uncertain if my sister will be able to come after me before the 1st but I need to be there for a family event on the 4rth.

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Anonymous,  10/15/2012 5:40 AM  

Hi Joy, I certainly hope you get to feeling better. A virus is never fun. You seem to be doing fairly well with your other goals but why not the writing? Is there a reason why you've prioritized it so low? If nothing else, you might try scheduling writing time. If you force yourself to at least show up, most of the time you'll end up writing. I hope this week is better for you.

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