Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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Lesson #88765433211 When taking a piece of crochet into the other room be sure and take the ball of thread with you!!!!

Is there a goddess of thread whom I've offended?

I put in several hours of work on the Secret Santa project today and was about to congratulate myself on completing twice the daily quota when I realized that I'd been using the wrong stitch in not one but two squares.  I discovered after only three 4 inch rows on the square I was working but I'd put in at least 17 rows on the other square first.  I had switched their rightful stitches.

Then when I took the two squares from my office into the living room to show Ed I left behind one of their balls of thread and tangled that thread up with the other one.  Had to wind about 12 feet of thread back onto the ball before pulling out the 17 or 18 4in rows of that finished square.

Then returning to the square on which I'd discovered the mistake I found the spot where I'd switched from the correct stitch to the wrong stitch and counted 3 rows and proceeded to count to 5 as I pulled rows out.

So just before dinner I thought I was going to finish at least two and possibly a third square before midnight but as midnight approached I still need 8 rows to bring me even with where I thought I was before I found the error.  So the official square count for today will be zero again!

I'm falling so far behind the pace I don't know if it is possible to catch up.

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