Saturday, October 13, 2012

Literacy Mini-Challenge [Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon]

Scroll down or click here for my Read-a-Thon post, My Brain on Books, intermittently updated like a blog within a blog until the end--of the Thon or my consciousness whichever comes first.

My mother's mother Zoe Bonnette Myers reading to her two eldest grandsons circa 1946. Over ten years before my birth. My Mom was still a teenager. Grandma Zoe had been a school teacher before marriage as was her husband, his sister, my mother and my dad's mother. So reading was fundamental in my family from way back.

The challenge is to create a post celebrating the reading child

Open until 6pm Pacific Coast Time aka end of Hour 13

Suggestions for content:

  • post a picture or video of a child or children reading or being read to
  • post a picture or video of yourself reading as a child or reading to children
  • spend 20 minutes reading to or being read to by a child age 0-15 and post about it
  • interview a child about the meaning of reading to them and post the interview in text, audio or video
  • relate memories about the meaning of reading in your childhood (text, audio or video)
  • post a thank you message to the pro literacy organization of your choice for their efforts on behalf of child literacy (text, audio or video)
  • post a thank you message to any adult(s) responsible for turning you on to reading as a child (text, audio or video)
  • visit a pro literacy organization site and report on one or more of their programs or activities, linking to the page(s) discussing it.
Those are just suggestions to give you the idea. I imagine there are many creative minds among you who can come up with any number of riffs on the theme: celebrate reading and childhood

You can post your entry on a blog or facebook as long as you make the post public so I can see it or else post it directly on Joystory's facebook fanpage. Please enter direct URL of your post in comments which will alert me by email that I have an entry to visit. :)

Also leave an email with your comment so I can contact you if you win.

If you don't have a blog, or facebook page you can still enter by leaving a comment on this post that conforms to the rules: a paragraph or so on the theme. This option is limited to text only of course.

After I have visited each entry to verify it, I will choose winner(s) via

I keep saying winner(s) because I intend to add a prize when entries increase by 10 + 1 until there are a total of 5 prizes.  Thus when/if there are 11 entries there will be two prizes.  21 entries = 3.  And so forth up to 41 an up = 5 prizes.

Winner(s) will receive one of these crocheted bookmarks (they will all have tassels before mailed):

You can state a preference if you like and preferences will be assigned by rank in the randomized list of winners if there are multiple winners.

I'm sorry but I can only mail to USA or Canada addresses.

Winners: are:

Nova @ myseryniti
Charlotte @ Charlotte's Library

But every entry was terrific and worthy of a win.  Thanx to all for participating.

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