Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Serenity #307

My fingers have ached from the cold during my late night session at the keyboard or crochet hook.  Especially my right hand which is on the mouse when my left can crawl up inside my fleece jacket or snuggle up with the warm keyboard.  I can't believe it has only be a handful of weeks since I was talking about that heatwave.

So anyway.  I got the idea of fingerless gloves and wondered how hard they would be to make.  I started experimenting with some Paton's Grace cotton size 3 thread.

In the process I took out nearly as many stitches as I put in.  Or at least once I'd gotten the wrist band worked up to the bottom of the thumb.  I had to keep trying it on and looking at the shape of it and my hand and guessing what stitch and how many where would shape it right.

It is going to be hard to duplicate it for the second one since I didn't keep notes.

I test drove it with both the mouse and the crochet hook for a couple of hours this morning.  It was working well for both.  Though I've only worked with it on the hand holding the hook and not the left hand that holds the thread and the WIP.  I expect there to be issues with that.

I haven't tried typing with it yet.  OK I just did.  Not liking it so much but it is doable.

After all of that tho I caved in and turned on the heat after Ed got up this morning.  The floor was so cold that even with socks in slippers my feet were feeling it and it felt like the cold was creeping up my bones from my feet.  When Ed told me it was in the 30s outside at around 6am I checked the thermostat and it was sitting right at 52 which is where we had set it as the lowest it could go without risking the pipes.  So if it had dropped one more degree in the house the heat would have had to come on anyway.

Poor Merlin was standing over one of the vents when the air kicked on.  He about jumped out of his fur.

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