Friday, October 12, 2012

Ready, Set, Read-a-Thon

Easy prep snacks and drinks for the duration of Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon.

Across back L to R: Mixed nut and mixed dried fruit. Laughing cow on top of nuts. Hot chocolate mix. Grapes. Cucumber, onions and baby carrots in red wine vinegar wash.  Cream cheese sits atop those 'pickles'
Middle L to R: salad greens mix for wraps atop flour tortilla.  Grape tomatoes.  Baby Carrots.  Greek Honey Yogurt. Guida cheese atop yogurt. Granola bars.
Front L to R: Jalepino spice cheese.  Baby Belle cheese.  Energy drinks.  Assorted green and herbal teas.

There's a few other things not pictured like refried beans, soup,  deli meat and what's left of a roasted chicken to get off the bone which  would work in the wraps.

Also Ed's going to pick up a take and back pizza in mid afternoon.

As I began this post there were 8 hours to the start time for me here on the Pacific Coast USA.

I think I'm already up for the duration.  I slept until 6pm today and got at least a full 8 hours.  I had been going to bed around the time the thon starts for me here (dawn give or take an hour) so this morning I pushed on until 10am.  I was going to try to sleep ten hours but I woke up at 6 and Ed was eager to show me the groceries and then there was the order.  By the time I'd seen all of that I was too awake to go back to bed.

So I will hit 24 hours at 6PM on Saturday or only 13 hours in to the thon.  But 30+ hours awake is not uncommon for me.  Maybe I'll actually be ready to sleep at 5am Sunday instead of spending several more hours winding down.

The Bookmarks for the Mini-Challenge prize(s)  Winner(s) will select from among these.  I haven't decided yet how many winners.  Possibly I will have it depend on how many entries there are so that if there are a great many no one has a worse than 1 in 20 chance.  I'll figure it out as I prep that post here in a bit.

The four on the left will all have tassels before I mail them.  Either ribbons like the one on the far right or thread.

The thread doesn't really have anything to do with the thon.  But my order came today and I had to open it and since I had the camera out for the other shoots...

The four pastels and brown on the right are for the Secret Santa project I've been discussing here for about two months now.

The rest are all new colors for my bookmark pallet.  The bottom left corner is an Xmas variegated--red, green, white.  The top corner is a pastel variegated.  The one between is peacock, a bright turquoise.

Pinned to the flap above are the four new Lisbeth Cordonet Egyptian Cotton size 20.  I love, love, love working this thread as it holds its shape so little to no blocking is needed after.  It is more expensive tho so I've been collecting them slow.

I may allow myself to crochet a bookmark or two while listening to audio books tomorrow.  :)  But I ought to do my quota squares on the Secret Santa project first.  I'm so far behind I need to do at least 1.5 squares a day now.

I usually take all the plastic off before taking a picture as the color shows more true and the flash glare isn't a factor but I'm not allowing myself to fiddle too much with anything not thon related tonight.  Not at lest until I have certain things accomplished.

Like this post posted,  The Mini-Challenge post prepped and scheduled for 2:50pm.  My usual Thon post, My Brain on Books XI, prepped and scheduled to go live at 5am.  And my ROW80 check-in post prepped and ready to launch at 5am Sunday as the thon ends for me.

Also hope to get in some of the ROW80 daily goals before 4am--the ones that can't be folded into the thon--the storydreaming and the fiction files fiddling and free write.  The exercise and the reading craft can be part of the thon.

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