Saturday, October 20, 2012

41st ROW80 Check-In

A Round of Words in 80 Days
Round 4 2012

The writing challenge that knows you have a life
I'm doing things quite differently this round.  Since I joined mid Round 2 this year I have been using a blog-within-a-blog format for these check-in posts with updates stacked atop previous updates and commentary added under each goals section including a string of Ns and Ys for the five time investment goals.  This got quite unwieldy by mid round.

So now I've created a Google Doc Spreadsheet to keep track of the Ns and Ys and have set up a ROW80 page to feature the goals sans commentary.  These check-in posts will now contain only the commentary relating to the previous half week, a screenshot of the relevant lines on the spreadsheet and link to the spreadsheet and goals page.

View the spreadsheet Google Doc directly
View the goals list

Finally some Ys in the writing collums!  Just two but hey, that's 2 more than zero.  All the blame can be laid on NaNo.  I's spent a lot of the DAYDREAM STORYWORLD time in the last month trying to decide which story idea or story WIP I wanted to work on for NaNo or would I do as I did at least one other year and designate the whole Fruits of the Spirit storyworld as NaNo territory even tho there are more than half a dozen unfinished novels set in it and nearly as many potential novels carried in their subplots or the story arcs of minor characters.

Last year I went totally outside of FOS and worked on a YA about gamers and virtual reality  I had a handful of ideas so far still free of FOS that I was considering.  But I've decided on a sequel to my 2008 NaNo even tho itself is still unfinished and its files a massive mess.

I discussed my intent and something of how I settled on my choice in yesterday's Friday Forays in Fiction post so I'll just give a brief concept description here.
Joy Renee @ NaNo

The 2008 novel was called Mobile Hopes and featured a large cast of characters living in a mobile home park superficially like the one I live in, each of whom were dealing with personal crisis either created by or exasperated by the economic conditions that year with the presidential election season serving as context...  This sequel, Occupy Hope, will continue to carry that theme..

Makes sense right?  With this being the next presidential election and all.  A good time to check in on old friends and see how they fared in the last four years.

Here is a snippet from Mobile Hopes.

Here is a snippet of my 2011 script for Script Frenzy based on that novel snippet.

They feature irascible Gerta aged 97.

Meanwhile regarding the subject of my last two post--those strings of Ns in the writing columns on the spreadsheet--I'm still doing some deep contemplating of habits and observing how mine are working or not working toward my stated goals.  Will probably have more to say about that next check-in.

The date has been set for my extended visit to my Mom's.  My sister is coming down from Longview WA to pick me up next Saturday.  I'll be there until at least the week of Thanksgiving and probably longer.  I've promised my husband to be back for Christmas tho.  Since my family doesn't celebrate it and his does it is only fair.

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Jess 10/21/2012 2:15 PM  

I'm excited to get started on NaNo myself! Best of luck to you this week and in the coming month of crazy writing. :-)

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