Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nostrums for NaNo Nerves

As NaNoWriMo startinng time closes in I can feel the panic rising.  This year my October NaNo prep time is being eaten up by trip prep.  And the reality that this year for the first time I won't be holed up in my writer's cave for the whole month is looming like a locomotive that just jumped the tracks on the bridge over my head.

I'm leaving in two days and I have four days of packing and other prep for the trip so I don't have time to also prep an involve post.  And wouldn't you know but that the minute I started having to spend hours away from my desk and netbook the words started flowing like sap in spring just when it wasn't possible to do anything about it but jot a word or two and pray that later they will trigger the thoughts bursting the bounds of my brain pan as my hands are busy shifting stuff in and out of bags and boxes and cupboards and closets.

Back to work.

I leave you with a couple of links I'm finding useful as anti NaNo anxiety.

Book Goodies/We Writers is a community of writers supporting writers with tips, encouragement, forums for promotion and much more.  Check them out.

There is even a free podcast to subscribe to featuring previous NaNo winners sharing their methods: Tips from Authors for Authors

Author Brian Sanderson also has a free podcast.  These are interviews with other authors sharing their tips and advice.  You can subscribe at iTunes.  But if you do don't neglect to stop by it's blog post at Brian Sanderson's blog Writing Excuses as there is more stuff to see including a writing prompt.

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