Friday, October 26, 2012

Praying for Jamie

Jamie and her Nicholas who's missing her tonight.
My sister, Jamie, is in the hospital yet again.  She was having surgery to replace the T=tube in her throat but they discovered her throat was too inflamed for it so that had to put the trach back in.  She'll be having surgery again on Monday to get a biopsy of the affected area around her voice box to see if she has yet another auto-immune disease.  I'll let her tell you the details.

We'd all appreciate your prayers and good thoughts.  She has had a rough year.

I hate being so far away when she is going thru these surgeries.  I'm in Southern OR and she is in Seattle WA at the University Hospital.  That's a good 700 miles I think.  I know it is 500 odd miles to Longview WA from here.

Speaking of which.  I'm going to be leaving for Longview tomorrow afternoon.  So Monday i'll only be about 200 miles and maybe I'll even get to visit her in the hospital.

But now I need to get some sleep as I've been awake over 24 hours.  I've still got hours of work left to get read but most of it I can't do while Ed is sleeping so I might as well sleep too and get up with him at 5 and maybe that will serve to put me back on a day schedule so I can be of use at Mom's.

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