Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Serenity #308


I've been at Mom's in Longview, WA for 24 hours already.  Have to admit I slept most of it away.  Finally got to sleep about 6am and slept until 5pm  was awake for two hours and crashed again for three more.  If Mom had been here I wouldn't have done that but she had spent the weekend at my brother's in Portland and didn't get home until 10pm then headed straight to bed herself.  I wanted to join her but still had this post to do.

Last night when we arrived their cat Bradley greeted us at the door and has been very attentive to me every since.  I guess he remembers me.  He slept on Mom's side of the bed while I wrote last night's post and was still there when I crawled in and was there when I woke though I don't imagine he never left.  But he usually sleeps with my sister or her son downstairs.

His affection helped some to sooth the missing of my own Merlin who must be feeling a bit confused and bereft today.

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