Thursday, December 15, 2011


funny pictures - Man, I wish i was an astronaut....

I'm seeing yarn and thread everywhere.  Eyes open or closed, awake or asleep.  With Xmas closing in (and the birthdays in January) and my several fiber art projects still far from finished I'm a bit panicked so it is no wonder it invades my dreams.  I did get a few small things off the hook but I can't call them finished until tails are tucked and seams are sewn and this and that attached.  Many will need to be laundered and blocked as well.  I think as usual I bit off more than I could chew. But I didn't count on being sick for a week either.

Meanwhile, the ideas for my stories are flooding in and I can't take time to do more than jot a word or phrase down. I guess I should have been crocheting more during NaNo.  Then maybe I'd have had more success with the novel and also not be so far behind on the fiber art gifts.

So as I ply the yarn with hooks and needles into gifts my mind plies memories and images into yarns and as I tuck tails in the this that and the other I'm plucking tales out of the ether.

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