Thursday, December 22, 2011

Storify with Social Media

This is an interesting concept. Storify is a site that allows you to collect multi-media items from many of the social media sites into a single coherent 'story' that you can share via email, fb, blog embed and more.

 Whether you wish to tell the story of your year for a holiday newsletter, the aftermath of an earthquake or severe weather, the protests in  Cairo, London or Oakland, the breakup of a marriage overheard in a fast-food restaurant or a top ten list on any theme, you can collect the relevant tweeets, youtube vids, fb photos, and more, add comments and post on Storify then share.

I'm anxious to experiment with this but I have no time for it before mid January.

The example I'm sharing here--of a delivery of a computer monitor being made by a toss over a fence and the repercussions after the recipient of the monitor posted a video of the incident that went viral--I chose because it is tangentially holiday related and loosely related to my husband's job on the shipping docks of a major catalog retailer so besides personal horror stories I've heard a number of Ed's job related ones.  I would not single out any one service either as the blame is spread almost evenly among them.

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