Friday, December 30, 2011

Merlin At Home

I unpacked eight boxes and two drawers today.  One of the boxes contained Merlin's toys which had been packed away for years as there was no longer enough room in our room for him to play.

I'm afraid I overwhelmed him by pulling them all out and tossing them onto the floor and the mini-tramp.  He was like a kid with ADHD going from one to the other but ultimately always more interested in the bag or the camera in my hand than in the toys I was tossing or nudging at him while trying to get some got shots of him playing.

I was unpacking the apple boxes we packed on Monday in preparation for packing up my books over at Ed's folks house tomorrow.  Will also be doing laundry while there and more cleaning in that room.  There is more than just books and shelves left of there.  I want to get as much as possible moved out tomorrow as I don't want to have to go back again for anything but cleaning the bare room.

I was supposed to have left today for my two week trip to Longview WA to visit my family and celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday but that trip was postponed and extended.  I am not leaving until next Friday and will be staying a month to help out my sisters.

Well this is going to have to do it for tonight's post.  I'm feeling about like Merlin looks below.  The sun in our room woke me after only four hours of sleep this morning and I worked all day at unpacking and cleaning.  I also worked out gently on the mini-tramp this afternoon after hooking up the boombox and tuning in a radio station playing Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  My feet got too happy for the floor so I got on the tramp.  Stayed on for two or three songs and only got off because of a cramp in my thigh.


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