Monday, December 26, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

A Temporary Workstation in my new office.  Where I am sitting as I type this.

The other end of that room--behind the chair.

The Living Room.  I have to move the office chair out here when I watch TV or eat dinner  as the extent of our livingroom furniture is in this picture

Our bedrrom. My side of the bed.  There's our Merlin on the foot of the bed.  I didn't see him there when I took the picture as the room looked like a black cave to me and I trusted the flash to give me something useful.  Ed was already asleep

To give you an idea of what we are schlepping from there to here and what we have been living in for the last ten years:

Ed's side of the bed in the room we shared since August 2001

My side of the bed over there in summer 2009.  
I had crammed much more books and
craft stuff into that space since then.
We still need to move all of the books and the shelves they are on.  The entertainment center and boxes and bags of non-clothes stuff out of the closet.

Also left three large bags of laundry I still  need to do.  We are going to have a dryer courtesy of our landlord but no washer for awhile.
The TV sitting precariously atop an
entertainment center a bit too narrow for it.
There was about ten inches between the foot
 of the bed and that entertainment center

I won't even try to describe what was under this bed when we move it out of there today. You might be eating as you read this. The bulk of my day was sorting the garbage from the good stuff.

It had been 2008 the last time I cleaned out from under the bed and a lot of stuff had fallen between the mattress and the shelves to either side and if it wasn't worth moving a ton of stuff to retrieve it it stayed put.  And other stuff shoved under from the foot until it was so compact under there Merlin could no longer get under the bed.

I found two of Ed's lighters.  A crochet hook.  dozens of pennies and a few other coins.  A fork from my MIL second best set.

Most of the books and shelves seen in these pics will end up in my new office which is a room about the same size as our room over their.  So this space i am sitting in tonight that feels so roomy might not feel that way once all those shelves are in place.

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