Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too True

GIF: And That About Sums Up the Internet

My life feels like this at times.  Hurry up and wait.  Meanwhile distract yourself by chasing the bouncing light or be mesmerized by the spinning light.  But especially time on the internet has been like this lately.  It takes three times longer than it should to get tasks done.  Meanwhile in an effort to make use of the waiting time I switch to an 'on board' task and thus distracted forget to return to the original task.  I end up with ten tasks begun and none finished.

I'm also considering the possibility that I'm too addicted to the distractions online, which is why the things in the rest of my life get so neglected.  Duh.  You thinks so?

Well it became an issue especially during NaNo.  And looking back over the last year, I realized that a significant element in the 'writer's block' I'd been suffering was the temptation of the internet.  Being so intimately a part of the very same tool with which I write it is hard to set appropriate boundaries between using the web and getting writing done.  Sometimes I kid myself by calling it research but research without boundaries becomes a distraction itself.

I'm seriously thinking about creating another desktop dedicated to the act of writing and only writing.  By setting it up as tho for a child with no administrative permissions with access to the net and to certain applications denied, with only a handful of directly related icons on the desktop.  No games, no ebooks, no browser. 

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