Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Dish Bonanza

My in-law's neighbor (and thus ours for the last ten years) gave us a set of dishes today.  Ceramic.  Cream with pink roses and gold rims.  Pink handled silverware to go with.  I'm still not sure of the setting number.  There are eight tea cups but an empty slot like one is missing.  But only six dinner plates and, I think bowls.  I'm still confused because I've not unloaded the whole box.  I want to unload them directly into the dishwasher but it is full.

Now all we need is a table to set. :)  We're supposed to be getting one from the landlord this weekend.

While I was milling about the kitchen pulling out the full setting pieces to set up this shot, Merlin was dogging my feet like a just hatched duckling.  I kept trying to get a pic of him but he kept walking out of the frame by the time I could press the button.

But finally by backing up in circles and figure eights until he was confused and I was dizzy I managed to catch him.  His doggedness exudes off him in this shot.  You can see how determined he is on following my feet.

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